Club Calves

Can’t make it to the Pasture? Click here to follow along with photos and bids for each lot

Sale listing and pictures in their work clothes…

Call Mark at 308-991-5628 for more info or to make a bid. Phone bid off will take place after Sept. 10.

Click for photos taken by Becky Rennert.

Follow along with the bids through the virtual bid board.

1PhotoMonopoly x 726yS
2PhotoMonopoly x 726yS
3All That Matters x 619yS
4PhotoMade 2 Order x 390yH
5Fu Man Chu x 894yS
6Monopoly x 726yS
7PhotoDaddy’s Money x Black GoldH
8All That Matters x 619yH
9PhotoMonopoly x 720S
10PhotoSimplify x 475y S
11Monopoly x 2047yS
12Photo1OAK x 726yS
13PhotoHuff & Puff x 352S
14PhotoMonopoly x 726yS
15Photo1OAK x 726yS
16Daddy’s Money x Black GoldS
17PhotoMade 2 Order x 915H
18PhotoMade 2 Order x 915H
19PhotoHere I Am x 639S
20PhotoMade 2 Order x 726yS
21PhotoHere I Am x 639S
22PhotoAll That Matters x 619yS
23PhotoBlack Power Play x 619S
24PhotoIn God We Trust x 340 H
25PhotoOne Night Stand x 607 S
261OAK x 726yS
27PhotoAll That Matters x 619yS
28PhotoNo Guts No Glory x 143S
29PhotoMade 2 Order x 726yH
30PhotoMonopoly x 726yS
31PhotoMonopoly x 894yS
32One Night Stand x Shine OnH
33Photo1OAK x 726yS
34PhotoSimplify x 581yH
35PhotoAll That Matters x Black GoldS
36Dakota Gold x 344S
37Gunsmoke x 231yH
38PhotoMade 2 Order x 915S
39PhotoHere I Am x 639H
40PhotoFu Man Chu x 894yH
41PhotoAll That Matters x 619yH
42PhotoSuh x 553S
43Fair & Square x 561S
44PhotoDaddy’s Money x Black GoldS
45PhotoMade 2 Order x 148yH
46PhotoMade 2 Order x 726yS
47PhotoIn God We Trust x 212H
48PhotoMade 2 Order x 726yH
49PhotoDaddy’s Money x Black GoldH
50PhotoMonopoly x 894yS
51PhotoFair & Square x 092S
52PhotoDaddy’s Money x Black GoldS
53One Night Stand x 694yS